Gazebo Gershwin

Among life’s curve balls has been my sister’s tragic illness.       (See MY SISTER LAURIE,  Oct 16, 2013)   But thankful I am for small mercies like the compassionate staff at her nursing home and the beautiful grounds.  Pushing Laurie’s wheelchair yesterday we heard music coming from the gazebo where one of the residents sat playing a melodica.

“You play beautifully, sir!”,  I called out to him.
“My name is Art”,  he called back , “tell me your favorite composer.”
“Gershwin!”,  my husband and I answered in unison, laughing.

And so from across the lawn came the familiar opening bars,  and then  —   Rhapsody in Blue!

After our hearty applause,  Art played an encore —  a lovely and lilting rendition of Summertime.

I know my sister is in a good place.

Dana Susan Lehrman



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