Lost Glove

Let’s face it,  I’m addicted to my iPhone and I walk down the street with it in my hand, waiting for heaven knows what important call or text or email.  But with the weather changing I’ve discovered you can’t use an iPhone while wearing gloves.  I guess a human touch is needed which is actually kind of sweet.

So now when I’m out and it rings,  I have to pull off one of my gloves.  The trouble is if I stuff the glove in my pocket or my bag,  or drop it on my lap in a bus or cab,  it inevitably will go missing. And sure enough the other day I lost one of the green gloves I bought last year to go with my green winter coat.  Now I needed a new pair,  but it seemed the fashionistas had decreed green was out this season and gloves that color would be hard to find.

So imagine my delight when I finally spotted a pair in Lord & Taylor.  Then I read the tag.  “Keep your hands warm while you stay in touch.  Use with Apple iPod and iPhone mobile digital devices and other touch sensitive accessories.”

Wow,  it seems there really are market researchers out there anticipating our every need.  So of course I bought the green gloves,  and to be safe I bought another pair in red!

Dana Susan Lehrman


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