Bus Stop

Waiting at the bus stop at Fifth Ave and 86th St the other day a young woman, probably in her 20s,  asked me where she could get the limited.

I told her it stopped about two blocks south, and she thanked me and started walking down Fifth.  Then, checking my watch I realized I might be late for my own appointment.

Wait for me, I called out,  I’ll take the limited too.

As we walked along together,  predictably,  the limited bus went rumbling past.

You’re younger, I said,  run for it,  and see if the driver will wait for me.

Off she went at a brisk trot as I hurried after her at my decidedly slower pace.

When I got to the stop, my young heroine was waiting for me on the bottom step of the bus.

She took my elbow to help me up,  and huffing and puffing a bit I climbed aboard.

I thanked the driver and turned to thank the young woman.

No problem, she said,  you remind me of my grandma.

Well,  at least I made the bus.

Dana Susan Lehrman



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