Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

You may remember that awhile ago I banged up my husband’s beloved T-bird. (See FENDER BENDER , Sept. 4, 2015)

After that rather costly incident I knew it was time I honed my road skills,  and so early one Sunday morning I found myself at a mid-town hotel for a day-long AAA defensive driving course.

Our instructor was a very likable guy named Freddy who told some funny stories about cabbies and delivery guys on bikes that got lots of laughs from our roomful of New Yorkers.

Then Freddy showed us a short video and began to deliver an informative defensive driving lecture when I realized that his tips for navigating the road seemed like sound advice for navigating thru life as well.  Here are my notes.

“Keep your eyes on the road ahead … expect some bumps along the way … when you’re in a tight spot you may have to back up … ask for a push if you’re in a rut … get out of the driver’s seat if it starts to feel  uncomfortable …  and always be prepared for stormy weather.”

At 4:00 when the course was over and Freddy stood at the door shaking our hands, our kindly driving instructor gave us one final piece of advice.

“Remember folks,  life is a journey, so sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Thanks Freddy,  and safe travels everyone!

Dana Susan Lehrman



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