A Sign on the Doorpost

Our post-war Manhattan apartment building is undergoing a major renovation  –  new elevators,  new lobby furniture,  new carpeting, crown molding, wallpaper and lighting on all floors,  and new saddles, bells and knobs for all our apartment doors.

The construction company hired for the job sent a friendly crew of guys who enjoy the cookies I offer them.   Yesterday as I was leaving my apartment I overheard a sweet conversation between two of the men who were working down the hall.

“What’s that I see mounted up on some of the doorframes?”, one fellow asked.

“It’s a Jewish custom”,   the other guy explained,    “I think they’re put up there to bless the home.”

Ah yes I thought,  and how often in our busy lives do we rush out the door and forget? And I reached up to touch the mezuzah on our doorpost.

Dana Susan Lehrman


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