Rolling Stoned at the Garden

I’ve told you about my dalliance in a New York coffee shop with Paul McCartney (see My Favorite Beatle) , so now let me tell you about my night at Madison Square Garden with the Rolling Stones.

Our friends Mary and Frank own a bakery and deli on Mott Street that supplies food to the concessions at the Garden, and that connection helped us land some great concert seats over the years.

So when the Stones announced their 2002 Forty Licks World Tour, and would be at the Garden for one night, I knew of course it would be a sell-out and I immediately called my friend Mary.

I’m not so much a Stones fan as a Jagger fan, and I was dying to see my man Mick up close and personal. I asked Mary to try for seats for me and Danny as close to the stage as possible, and since we couldn’t very well go without taking our son, I asked her to get two (cheaper) seats for Noah and a friend.

Mary came through with great seats for us, literary a stone’s (!) throw from the stage, and separated from Mick’s ever-present ramp by only a measly theatre rope. What I didn’t realize was that Noah was sitting many tieirs above us, but by chance with a clear sightline to our seats.

I don’t remember who opened for the band that night, or even their set list. I only know that Danny and I were on our feet raging to the music when Mick turned and seemed to look right at me. Then he pranced off the stage followed by the rest of the band, and they headed down the ramp in my direction.

What happened next is a blur – a lot of smokey stuff was wafting through the air that one couldn’t help inhaling. But I do remember my son’s voice coming from somewhere way up above yelling, “Mom, you rock!”

It seems this usually law-abiding librarian had climbed over the rope, pushed past a security guard, and was lunging at Mick Jagger.

Unfortunately I missed Mick, but I did brush Keith Richards’ arm with my right hand.

(I didn’t wash that hand for a week.)

Dana Susan Lehrman


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