Night Owl

I’ve always been a night owl,  but once I’m ready for bed I don’t remember having trouble falling asleep –  until recently.

Blame it on aging,  or Covid concerns,  or worrying about the fate of our planet,  but lately there are nights I toss and turn until the wee hours.

So what to do?  Well,  there’s always a book or an unfinished crossword puzzle on the night table,  or something to order from LL Bean,  and of course always a few games of Words With Friends waiting to be played.

And at the stroke of midnight the new WORDLE challenge goes live – so there’s always lots to keep me busy.

And then of course there are all these blog posts to write!

Dana Susan Lehrman 


  • Loved this, and my thoughts went to Joan. She and her college roommate of 4 years and maid of honor, who’s lived her life in her native rural New Hampshire, re-connect daily over Wordle puzzles, trading results and sweet news of the day. Adds new meaning, doesn’t it, to an old saw, “What’s in Word?”

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