TM and the Honeymoon Album

Once years ago I heard that a lecture on transcendental meditation was to be given at a local community center.

Intrigued and eager to learn about the benefits of meditation I went,  and when the lecture ended I struck up a conversation with the young woman sitting next to me.   Her name was Joan,  we were about the same age,  and like me she was recently married.

Happily we exchanged phone numbers and a few days later Joan called and invited me and Danny to dinner.

On the appointed evening we arrived armed with the requisite bottle of wine,  met her charming husband Arnie,  and we were soon gayly chatting away when Joan  popped out of the kitchen to say dinner would be ready in 15 or 20 minutes.

While we were waiting,  she suggested that Arnie show us the pictures they’d taken on their honeymoon.  And so he brought out a large photo album and began to proudly turn the pages.

I don’t remember where they had honeymooned,  or what Joan served us for dinner that night,  or if we ever saw them again.   But I’ll never forget that photo album with dozens and dozens of pictures of Joan and Arnie in various poses –  all smiles,  and both of them completely in the nude.

(BTW I never could get into transcendental meditation either.)

– Dana Susan Lehrman


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