Bronx Girl

“The Bronx?  No thonx!”,   wrote the poet Ogden Nash.

As a kid growing up in the Bronx I didn’t get it.  I didn’t realize my borough had a bad rap,  and I certainly wouldn’t have understood why.  The Bronx was my home and I loved it.  (See Parkchester, Celebrate Me Home)

I even went to college in the Bronx,  but then grad school and marriage finally took me out.   But altho I was living elsewhere,  I spent four decades of my working life commuting back as a public educator in Bronx high schools.

And altho there may be some degree of rapport among all folks who discover they’re from the same hometown,  I contend there’s a special bond among us Bronxites.  We seem to share an unpretentiousness,  a true grit,  and of course that Bronx accent.

And one thing we all know – Ogden Nash was dead wrong!

– Dana Susan Lehrman



  • Geographically the Bronx is unique among the five boroughs. It is the only borough that’s actually connected to the continent of North America. Hence the moniker the continental borough!

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