The Return of Chick Theatre!

If you’ve been faithfully reading this blog you know I broke my ankle over two years ago and it’s taken several surgeries to fix.  (See  MY DAD,  Dec 8,  2013)

Thankfully my surgeon assured me in time I’d be fine,  so my greatest concern was not my slowly mending bones,  rather if I’d have to miss several months of live theatre.  But thankfully my will proved stronger than my wobbly ankle,  and I did manage to get to the theatre despite all!

And in fact I discovered that showing up in a wheelchair or in a cast, or with a walker or even just a cane can open doors  –  literally!  On and off Broadway,  at the 92StY and elsewhere in town,  and at our favorite country venues –  the Mahaiwe in Gt Barrington and Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk – I got the royal treatment.  I was ushered in before the crowds,  taken up in special elevators,  and given comfy seating and extra leg room.  And at the fabulous,  six-hour-long production of Gatz downtown at the Public Theatre,  a young staffer seeing I was alone and wheelchair- bound,  was wonderfully attentive.  She made sure I had food at the dinner break,   brought me chocolates,  and took me to the ladies’ room more than once.

However the one thing I couldn’t manage during my ankle troubles was planning for dinner and theatre nights out with my friends.  But now that I’m finally back on two feet,  I’m happy to announce the long-awaited return of Chick Theatre!

See you on the aisle!

Dana Susan Lehrman


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