College Theatre

Some of you who read my recent blog post about my great-aunt Miriam and my uncle Sol,  the two gifted thespians in our family,  were surprised to learn that I had dramatic aspirations myself .   (THE ROAR OF THE GREASEPAINT,  June  15, 2015)

But although that’s me vamping it up as Helen Morgan,  and although I did have a real aptitude for acting,   I took a more conventional career path,   girl-child of the 50s that I was,  and became a high school librarian.

But I’ll always remember the great fun of college theatre,  the happy roar of the greasepaint,  and the smell of that rowdy young crowd!

Dana Susan Lehrman


  • I beg to differ. There was nothing “conventional” about your career. As a school librarian, you well know books revolutionize lives. That makes you, a librarian, a revolutionary. Step aside Lenin. Read David McCullogh’s THE WRIGHT BROTHERS. The whole family in off-the-beaten-track Dayton, Ohio, adored books and read voluminously across manner of all subjects. What invention most revolutionized human history? Powered flight; it came from passionate readers run amuck. All in all, across generations of young readers, you lit fires one by one. What’s that about not being a TRUE Torch Singer?

    • Thanx Mike! You've inspired me to finish a draft I started about the rewards of my long library career, I'm calling it DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL, and yes it's about Anne Frank too. Stay tuned, I'll post it soon, And what are YOU writing now, another wonderful book?!?

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